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Store Update: Fan Death Records


We’re now stocking a handful of titles from the Fan Death Records catalog. I first met Chris and Sean, who run the label, in 2009, when they were living in College Park, Maryland, shortly after they pressed their first release, Ready 2 Fight -- a single-sided 12” featuring Clockcleaner’s epic 15-minute take on Negative Approach’s “Ready to Fight” (recorded live while opening for Negative Approach ). It was a good record to start with -- one that set a precedent for their musical tastes (loud, weird) and, maybe more importantly, for their sense of humor.

Since then, they’ve continued to release a string of cool, mostly unclassifiable singles, LPs, and cassettes from folks like Jason Urick, Puerto Rican Flowers, and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (to name a few personal faves). (Aaron Leitko)

RoomrunnerIdeal Cities

The debut full-length from Baltimore-based “bunge” pioneers, Roomrunner. Loud songs that take some inspiration from certain ’90s-era fuzz-pedal purveyors, but are also deeply linked to present-day peers like Dope Body and Metz, with whom they’ve toured. Lead by former Double Dagger drummer, Denny Bowen.


Roomrunner’s six-song self-titled debut cassette.

Screen Vinyl ImageSiberian Eclipse

Two hazy, Factory Records-indebted dream-pop tunes from this D.C.-area duo.

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