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Dischord #200 Boxset Update


When we created the pre-order site for the Dischord #200 Boxset we knew that the enormity of the project combined with the already-overloaded pressing plants meant that the production would take months and months to finish. With that in mind, we made it clear on the site that we had hoped to be able to deliver the boxsets by late 2021, thinking that we would likely be able to ship them out in late October or early November.

Covid outbreaks, machinery breakdowns, supply chain issues, and shipping delays have now added at least couple more months to the delays, so now it’s looking like late December is the earliest that the finished pieces will go into the mail.

The situation is truly out of Dischord’s control and all we can really do is keep the lines of communication open with the manufacturers to encourage them to keep pushing to get this thing made. At this point all of the vinyl has been pressed, but the records have gotten stuck in the shipping/cargo crisis and we don’t know when they’ll arrive at the assembly plant.

We very much appreciate all of the patience and trust that our pre-order customers have given us and we’ll send out another update when we have a clearer idea of actual schedule for the release.

Thank you! 

- Ian and Jeff


By: Todd Smailes over 2 years ago

Take as long as you need! Worth the wait

By: Randall Hoskie over 2 years ago

Ian and Jeff no worries here on the Navajo Nation, like Kemp said "It’s going to be worth however long the wait ends up being!!!". Thank you by the way for putting out this amazing Boxset.

By: Ryan Henricksen over 2 years ago

I agree with Kemp, this will be worth the wait! Super stoked for this release and I appreciate the update.

By: Kemp Herbster over 2 years ago

It’s going to be worth however long the wait ends up being!!!

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