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Boxset Update 12/10/21


We are pleased to announce that after being held up at the port for nearly six weeks, the vinyl has finally been delivered to the plant where the boxsets will be assembled. The project is now in line to be completed and the company doing the work is estimating that we’ll have the finished pieces ready to ship in late January/early February.

Please be aware that shortages and delays are still holding things up and it’s possible that the release will be pushed back even further, but we’re hoping that this schedule will hold and we’ll finally be able to deliver #200.  

Thanks again to all of you who have pre-ordered and have been so patient about the situation!

- Ian and Jeff

Dischord Records

PS- Please direct any questions to <boxset (at)>


By: David Potesta over 2 years ago

I received mine March 9th 2022! Beautiful boxset and what a surprise with the extra 7": Dischord #0, very nice bonus. Thanks Dischord!

By: ibon over 2 years ago

Recibido hoy 8 de marzo , en Gasteiz , Euskal Herria. En perfectas condiciones. Mila esker .

By: James Ulbrich over 2 years ago

Great stuff. Thanks for the unexpected Bonus! Interesting that it has a copyright of 2020 - 2 years in the making I guess. well worth the wait.

By: Rory Maudlin over 2 years ago

Curious about shipping as well, seeing mates receive theirs!

By: Paul Taylor over 2 years ago

I'm really impressed with the production of this box set and love that there is that surprise extra!

By: Greg Schelonka over 2 years ago

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood as my box set arrived today!

By: Thomas J Sullivan over 2 years ago

My order # is 5445. Can I get an update? Thank you.

By: David cook over 2 years ago

Orders #14895 #15936 for boxset any idea when I will receive them?

By: Paul Taylor over 2 years ago

They've always been good about emailing when they had any info worth sharing. Likely a very fluid situation.

By: Jason Needham over 2 years ago

Has this shipped out yet?

By: Chris Francesconi over 2 years ago

Any updates on the boxset shipping? Fan page saying they already received, so thought I'd inquire directly with you guys! Thank you.

By: Ryan Henricksen over 2 years ago

Rad! Thanks for the update. I'm stoked to get this!

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